Mother's Day Roast Lunch

Mother's Day Roast Lunch

We all have a lot to thank our Mothers for, and what better medium to project this love and gratitude through, than food?

From the moment we’re born, food is a love language between mother and child. Our mothers nourish and provide for us, going to great efforts to meet our biological and emotional needs by satisfying our stomachs - and this 5-star catering service goes on for years!

So it’s only fair that we make a fuss of her once in a while, and cook up some outstanding grub in her honour, don’t you think?

Remember to do it properly! Gather the family around the Sunday lunch table, roast a celebratory joint of native breed meat and pour a glass of your Mum’s favourite tipple. Put a smile on her face, feel the love in the room, and don’t let her lift a finger.

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To be honest, your recipe ideas are probably going to be guided by your mother’s preferences. I know in our house she’d be requesting a leg of lamb. Studded with garlic and rosemary and roasted to a blushing medium. With roasted parsnips, roast potatoes and frozen peas on the side, plus of course lashings of mint sauce and gravy. Or, whilst thinking of lamb, why not slow roast a whole shoulder of lamb and serve with white beans and salsa verde 😋 This roast ribeye of beef, confit potatoes and salsa dragoncello, whilst not a classic Sunday roast lineup but is ridiculously delicious. The potatoes require you to go the extra mile but that’s no problem, because you really love your mum, remember? Alternatively, why not roll back the years and whip out a proper parsley sauce, just like Jane Grigson would make it. Poach a ham and then cook some carrots and potatoes in the same liquid, parsley sauce - also made with the ham stock – lavishly spooned over the lot. A nostalgic journey for mums of a certain generation. Whatever you cook your mum this Mother’s Day, just make sure you do it with love 💗