Mother's Day Breakfast

Mother's Day Breakfast

Regardless of your signature Mother’s Day style, whether you go whole hog or play it more au naturel, we’re here to help. After all, the heart of the matter is giving thanks to that special someone, and showing how much you care.

There's no better way to demonstrate your love and gratitude than by taking the time and making the effort to prepare a delicious meal; food that you’ll share and enjoy together. As a kitchen enthusiast you probably cooked her an epic Sunday lunch last year; so why not plan something original, and take her by surprise with a sumptuous family breakfast.

An idyllic scene will greet her, coffee, flowers, juice and a divine selection of breakfast dishes – simple, but ever so thoughtful.

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Lamb Merguez Sausages make for an excellent addition to a shakshuka. Make sure you have a decent loaf to hand, or better still a baguette, to dunk and scoop all that rich sauce and runny eggs.

For pure simplicity and total satisfaction, shape Yorkshire Breakfast Sausage Meat into patties, fry them off, along with some eggs, toast some English muffins and build yourself a sandwich that’s homely and heartwarming.

Poach a Salt Beef, tear it into chunks and then hard fry with some crushed new potatoes and finely chopped leeks. Toss through some pickled red onions and chopped chives. A couple of fried eggs give it the breakfast vibes.

The Celtic breakfast classic of potato scones, or farls for the Irish, are a great alternative for the brunch table. Fried in a little clarified butter for extra indulgence; not necessarily traditional but most certainly delicious. Flake some meltingly soft Ham Hock and poach some eggs for a pleasingly simple brunch dish.

Whilst we have the Celtic nations in our minds, how about Gammon and cockles on toast…a nod to the full Welsh breakfast!

Some would argue that it isn’t really breakfast if there is no hollandaise. If you belong to that school of thought then spoon a load of the stuff over some poached eggs which are sat on top of crispy Smoked Streaky Bacon, which in turns sits on toasted English muffins.