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Wild Game from the Yorkshire Dales

Game is a celebration of the wild landscapes of the British Isles. Landscapes which are boundless up here in the wildly beautiful Yorkshire Dales, from wooded valleys filled with the familiar alarm call of pheasant, to the majestic heather moortops, home of the iconic red grouse.

Respectful sourcing and understanding of practices are key and we select our birds from smaller, low-pressure shoots and venison from the Harewood Estate, ensuring we offer for sale the finest game responsibly sourced from suppliers that understand the true value of British game. Wild and semi-wild meat revered from field and forest to fork and feast.

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More about Wild Game from the Yorkshire Dales

Red grouse; visible in direct, purposeful flight with explosive wingbeats keeping all but the most energetic predators at bay. In-between these two landscapes, at the brackish edges of moorland, farmland and scrub, live the fast-flying mallard and diminutive teal dwell. Here, too, coveys of partridge melt into the landscape, becoming one with the dry-stone walls and low-lying vegetation. These birds all have their unique tastes, and it is indeed unique; a reflection of the landscape in which they have lived and the diet this landscape has provided. Anyone who has savoured the deep, heather notes of a roasted grouse will know the character of the bird can only have been shaped by heather moorland.

Wild meats of exquisite and rarefied taste, British game meat is a true, seasonal treat, synonymous with the flavours of autumn. Whether a succulent roast partridge with squash and sage takes your fancy, tender slices of mallard with sour cherries, a venison green chilli cheeseburger or buttery roasted grouse with velvety bread sauce and watercress, perhaps, the flavours of game deliver a myriad of mouth-watering possibilities and deliciousness. Pigeon on toast with the very black currants it’s been stealing, a roasted mallard with split peas and bacon for dinner, the comfort of warm rabbit pie or venison tacos with a deep ancho sauce, yes, these are treats to be eaten slowly, not rushed in grazing haste.