• Rolled Lamb Breast
  • Rolled Lamb Breast

Rolled Lamb Breast

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Each breast weighs approx. 750g

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  • Suitable for freezing
  • Delivered fresh
  • Grass-fed
  • Native breed
  • Great for home roasting

Product description

Rolled lamb breast, also known as lamb belly is taken from the saddle of lamb near the prime chops. A popular restaurant cut although somewhat neglected by the home cook, it requires slow-cooking for a long period, allowing the fat to render and the meat to become tender yielding a succulent dish.

Our expert butchers remove the bones and roll the joint allowing for hassle-free carving. The unique character of our lamb is achieved by traditional farming methods and heritage breeds of lamb that range freely on the limestone pastures of the Yorkshire Dales.


Outdoor-reared, native breed lamb

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