Our team of expert butchers

The Swaledale Team

We have a talented team at Swaledale, with a butchery team that boasts a wealth of skill and experience. Working with an entire carcass is unusual in modern butchery and requires a full spectrum of abilities from each butcher, from whole-carcass sectioning, boning and trimming, seam butchery and portioning individual cuts or joints for our wholesale and retail customers. They prepare each cut with skill, expertise, and experience, paying strict attention to detail and quality. Being a butcher requires passion, dedication and determination and we are always keen to pass on these traditional, time-honoured Butchery skills to younger members of the team. Many have learnt the necessary skills of their trade within our walls.

Our dedicated office team have a unifying passion for food and understand how best to prepare and cook our many products. Comprising mainly ex-chefs, we develop all recipes in house, from sausage seasonings and bacon cures to marinades and rubs. Much time is spent on site with our farmers across The Dales, touching base, discussing livestock and our various breeding projects, from heritage Middle White pigs to Swaledale mutton or the introduction of the Lowline breed, a diminutive, seldom seen beef breed similar in size to the Dexter which we have been breeding since 2016. The farmers themselves are of course vital members of the team, fantastic produce being essential before we dry-age, dry-cure, brine, smoke and fill our award-winning sausages on site.