Garry Schofield's Hogget

Garry Schofield's Hogget

**Back in stock July / August 2024**

Last autumn Garry Schofield, who farms National Trust land in the stunning valley of Upper Wharfedale, sent us Swaledale hogget to taste test. Garry's hogget are left to fatten naturally on the rich, nutrient dense grass of the spring and summer months; this was truly hogget at its finest, growing at the pace of nature, on a low input farm deep in The Dales.

We were blown away by the depth of flavour, and knew this was something we’d love to share with our customers, but you can’t rush these things, there is no fast forward button in our type of farming.

So it’s been 12-months since that conversation with Garry, and those delicious taste tests, and we’re thrilled to say our hogget is ready. Grown in the way nature intended, and left to mature at their own pace, these hogget are not only a wonderful development for Garry’s business, but they are a stunning product and a testament to the superior quality, taste and texture of native breed meat.

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More about Garry Schofield's Hogget

The meat from a hogget sits nicely between that of lamb and mutton. With a more pronounced and evolved flavour than lamb but far more tender than mutton, it truly is fantastic meat to cook with. Here we have selected a range of cuts which best showcase the quality of this meat and give you, the home cook, a fantastic range of options – whether roasting, braising or cooking over the coals, Garry Schofield's Hogget Collection offers premium cuts from across the whole carcass. A representation of our beliefs that well reared, well bred livestock taste superior. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!