• Minced Venison
  • Minced Venison

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Minced Venison

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Product description

A very lean and coarse mince giving you the option to add a little fatty pork mince or beef fat if desired, or a great alternative to minced beef or lamb.

With gamey notes reflective of this wild, natural product, minced venison is highly versatile and makes for an interesting twist on Shepherd's pie or Bolognese. Stands up to powerful flavours; we love a classic Larb salty with fish sauce and sour with lime; perfect with a cold beer 👌

Val suggests:

With the inclusion of a little fat and venison burgers are a real favourite of mine. With cheese and hot green chilli, coriander sauce it’s my go to as is a more Scandi approach of dill, sour cream, mustard, pickled cucumbers, fresh red currants & crispy onions. While ‘pan fried‘ is better than using a tennis racket, a cook over charcoal will give you the best results.

Stuffed marrow and I’m one of the last that eat such antiquities but a good tasty venison mince with pearl barley, roasted in a round of deseeded marrow with a blanket of browned cheesy béchamel on top and it’s a winner.

Samosas are a crispy joy, so mix the venison with the spices, carrots & peas and once deep fried, daub with garlic yoghurt and chances are you’ll demolish a few. Alternatively wrap in flaky pastry with shaved swede, turnip, onion & potato mixed with an industrial bombardment of black pepper with a little mace and a pasty will see a tidy lunch with fingers to the crust.

Faggots or simple country pâté can be a great vehicle for venison mince especially when mixed with the heart liver & kidneys. Toast, cornichons, mustard and a glass of red wine, eh voilà.

Saving the best till last and Larb really is my favourite treatment of venison mince. Fried hard and dressed with fish sauce, lime juice & chillies then served in gem lettuce leaves with crispy onions and a fried egg and this zingy, hot number will make your eyes dilate with pleasure. 


100% wild, estate-reared venison

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