• Korean-style BBQ Beef Short Ribs

Korean-style BBQ Beef Short Ribs

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4 x 150g short ribs in each pack (approx.)

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  • Suitable for freezing
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  • Grass-fed
  • Native breed
  • Cook on the BBQ

Product description

In Argentina, thinly-sliced beef short ribs are super popular and called banderita meaning small flags. The Koreans refer to these BBQ phenomenon as LA galbi which is either a reference to Los Angeles (LA), California where these ribs were first prepared by Korean immigrants or that they are cut LAterally across the bone.   

Cut from the breast of the beast, our beef short-ribs are thinly-sliced through the bone; perfect for an Asian marinade and searing briefly over high heat or cooking Argentinian-style on an asador.

Jorge Thomas, director of Swaledale Online Butchers, explains:

Korean short ribs are full, thin slices of short rib including the top muscle. You cook these quickly over a high heat.

We dry-age on the carcass for 2-3 weeks, depending on stock levels. Then we have a set butchery specification - determined on the initial carcass ageing, the short ribs are aged for a further 1-2 weeks as a plate. We leave the top muscle on, in part due to the dimensions of our smaller breeds of native cattle.


100% grass-fed beef

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