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Lamb Chops 4 x 120g


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  • 4 x 120g chops in each pack (approx.)

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  • Suitable for freezing
  • Delivered fresh
  • Grass-fed
  • Native breed
  • Cook on the BBQ

Product description

A traditional favourite, cut from the saddle, lamb* chops are delicious as the bone helps retain moisture whilst also maximising flavour.

Perfect for quick searing or cooking on the barbecue, the high heat caramelises the meat and crisps the fat to produce a rich, full flavour.

We select heritage breeds that range freely on the limestone pastures of the Yorkshire Dales; the wildflowers, grasses and herbs giving this exceptional lamb a unique flavour profile much loved by our chef community.

Chef Valentine Warner says:
"I do so love a lamb chop or three. It’s a staple at home and so I’ll give you a few of my favourite accompaniments.

As is so often the case in Greece and the chops are heavily scattered with fresh oregano and then cooked until grey throughout but gloriously crispy. I rather like this occasionally and so will purposefully overcook them. I’ll then eat them with a really juicy Greek salad of barrel-aged feta, fresh mint, Kalamata olives, luscious tomatoes, cucumber, fresh parsley leaves and green pepper all swamped in extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and an enthusiastic scattering of flaked sea salt.

Double up the fennel and I’ll boil then hard roast a couple of halved bulbs. Take one and blitz it up as part of the mayonnaise base if an aïoli. Eat as an accompaniment to the chops and roast fennel all scattered about with some toasted pine nuts.

Apples and bacon is really the result of good things from my home county of Dorset. Sauté some onions with bacon and apples and finish with a little cider, apple cider vinegar and cold butter. Pop the chops on top.

Cockle sauce. Steam open some cockles with sweet cider, strain reserve and reduce the sauce, having picked out the cockle meat and thicken with cold butter and a little vinegar. Add back in the picked cockles with some fresh parsley and pour over the lamb chops. This can be also done with a white sauce base. Such surf and turf is just delicious and remember that many salt marsh lambs will probably be walking over the very cockles they may find themselves next to on a plate.

Keep it simple and just eat with boiled new potatoes and a really good twangy salsa verde or chimichurri, the latter accompanying with a little black pudding too."

*Swaledale lambs roam free across vast distances, migrating between valleys and hill tops, foraging as they go. The limestone pastures of the Yorkshire Dales are home to a unique range of herbs, grass and wildflowers, the cocktail of which bestows the lamb with a rich, deep colour to the meat and distinctive flavour. Robust and slightly sweet in character, the Swaledale lamb also has a subtle herbal undertone; the provenance is unmistakably Yorkshire. Swaledale lamb chops are Always Fresh Never Frozen®, butchered to order, vacuum packed, and shipped in recyclable packaging to arrive safely insulated and ready to enjoy.


Outdoor-reared, native breed lamb.

Cooking advice

  1. Take lamb chops out of fridge, remove packaging, pat dry with kitchen paper, pop on a plate and allow to reach room temperature
  2. Oil* the chops and season generously with coarse sea salt and cracked black pepper
  3. Heat a non-stick pan or cast iron skillet over a low to moderate heat
  4. Place the lamb chops rind down to the dry pan, balanced against one another and let the fat render for approx. 5 mins
  5. Now turn the heat up to full blast and once pan is smoking turn the chops onto their sides and turn the heat down slightly
  6. Cook for 90 seconds, resisting the urge to move the chops about - a rich golden crust should have formed
  7. Repeat on the other side then turn every 30 seconds or so for a total cooking time of 4-6 minutes**
  8. Remove from pan and rest for 6 mins

*Select an oil with a high smoking point and neutral flavour

**Lamb chops are best eaten medium-rare

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