• Chicken Thighs, Bone-in
  • Chicken Thighs, Bone-in

Chicken Thighs, Bone-in 4 x 185g


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  • 4 x 185g thighs in each pack (approx.)
  • Free range and slow-grown to 81-days (full maturity)

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Product description

Succulent thigh meat left on the bone with the skin-on, a versatile family favourite with multiple culinary possibilities - marinaded and grilled over high heat or baked in the oven Spanish-style with white wine, whole garlic cloves and bay leaves. Inexpensive and delicious, perfect for midweek meals.

Chef Val Warner says that "both skin and bone, when included in the cooking, offer up significantly more to the overall flavour of the subsequent dish. Even if the skin becomes soggy in a braise after being pre-browned and the flavour is handed on and any case I love the skin regardless of it being crisp to the teeth or soft and wibbly.

NOTE: When making marinades for the grill and while I keep the bone in, I will remove the skin for such things as a tandoori that the marinade not be prevented from penetrating the meat. Once removed but retained and the skin can be crisped and crumbled into salads or perhaps over a poached turbot with beurre blanc.

De-boning a thigh and I like to fry the flattened meat hard and eat in a baguette stuffed with celeriac remoulade and gherkins.

Brown chicken meat allows for a longer cook without drying out...the result badly timed cooking. I love the thighs in a mustard sauce all cooked together in a cast iron pot on top or in the oven. Remember that the Dijon mustard is best added at the end that it retains its pokiness.

Wondrousness can also be found when cooked in a tagine with green olives and preserved lemons, cumin, turmeric etc. Use ghee instead of butter for a better result.

Just using thighs can be a good replacement in say a côq au vin, avoiding the common over cooking of the breast meat of either a cock or a hen. Cook with the lardons, mushrooms (I prefer ceps), diced celery and carrot, red wine and brandy. 

Roasted or grilled simply, the skin crisp and a thigh is so delicious when scattered with diced raw sweet onion, a large spoonful of romesco sauce dolloped next to it."

*Swaledale is a whole carcass butcher so in addition to our chicken thighs, a full range of fresh, free range chicken products are available, including chicken crowns, chicken wings and breasts. Our chicken is versatile and can be the perfect meat for whatever meal you're cooking; whether it's a curry, summer barbecue or a roast dinner, our tasty and high welfare chicken will shine.


Free range chicken, slow-grown to 81-days (full maturity).

Cooking advice

The following has been published on our journal: Valentine Warner's recipe chicken thighs w/ preserved lemons & green olives.

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