Wild Venison

Wild Venison

Located in the heart of wild game country, our wild venison is exclusively sourced from Harewood Estate in West Yorkshire. Red, Roe and Fallow deer have unlimited access to one hundred and twenty-five acres of parkland and seventy-five acres of woodland, making them wild herds.

We have been working with Harewood Estate, just outside Leeds, for many years now - access to world-class venison on our doorstep is a considerable accolade and greatly appreciated by our chef community. Calves born around June time and reared at Harewood are all farmed utilising low-intensity, traditional methods. Deer naturally graze all year round on the grasses, herbs and wildflowers that grow in wildlife-friendly hedgerows, grasslands and wetland habitats, particularly enjoying acorns in the autumn from veteran parkland oak trees.

This farm-assured, conservation grazing approach ensures Harewood Estate's deer herds are free of synthetic growth hormones and that veterinary intervention is minimal. Venison is a strong-flavoured red meat often described as ‘gamey’ that is low in fat and high in protein. Healthy, lean and tender meat which is packed full of flavour. Shop our expertly butchered selection of wild venison sausages, mince and steaks.

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  • Diced Venison

    Diced VenisonOffer

    £8.25 £6.60

    Diced Venison
  • Venison Sausages

    Venison SausagesOffer

    £7.25 £5.80

    Venison Sausages
  • Venison Saddle
    Venison Saddle

    Venison Saddle

    From £36.80

    Venison Saddle
  • Haunch Steak of Venison

    Haunch Steak of VenisonOffer

    £14.00 £11.20

    Haunch Steak of Venison
  • Minced Venison

    Minced VenisonOffer

    £7.00 £5.60

    Minced Venison
  • Haunch Joint of Venison
    Haunch Joint of Venison

    Haunch Joint of VenisonOffer

    From £24.00 £19.20

    Haunch Joint of Venison
  • Harewood Estate Venison Box
    Harewood Estate Venison Box

    Harewood Estate Venison Box


    Harewood Estate Venison Box

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