Whole carcass butchery

Butcher and carcasses

Key to our butchery ethos is the traditional approach of the ‘whole carcass’ butcher. We believe that this commitment to only ‘buy what we can sell’ shows respect for the livestock and moves us away from the unsustainable commodity approach to food retailing. It promotes ethical, flexible, balanced meat consumption and reduces wastage. All our butchers have the skills and techniques required to allow them to get the best for our customers from this nose to tail approach.

We also maintain a commitment to the tradition of dry-ageing beef prior to butchery. This is an expensive and time-consuming process that most modern large-scale processors simply don't bother with, but one which is key to allowing the full depth of flavour to develop. We dry-age all our beef on the bone for at least 28 days. We believe nothing compares to the experience of sharing a cut of slow-matured, native-breed beef that has been properly dry-aged and expertly prepared.

We hand-make all our own sausages and burgers on-site using prime cuts of meat of the same quality and provenance as our joints and steaks. We also grind spices on a daily basis prior to sausage production.  We cure a range of our own bacon and gammons.

Sometimes, our commitment to traditional whole carcass butchery will lead to us having limited quantities of certain cuts, and gaps in availability. We’ll always strive to deliver exactly what our customers are looking for but we believe that you’ve come to us precisely because we’re not a warehouse supermarket butcher and because you share our belief in working to change our food future. We hope that you’ll be flexible where availability is limited, and go for a cut you weren’t thinking of or haven’t tried before!