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Cote de Boeuf 900g


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  • Each steak weighs approx. 900g and typically serves 2

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  • Delivered fresh
  • Suitable for freezing
  • Grass-fed
  • Native breed
  • Cook on the BBQ

Product description

⭐ great taste® 2022

Cote de boeuf* is French for a bone-in ribeye steak. Thick-cut fore rib left on the bone and dry-aged to maximise flavour. This prime cut of steak with all the marbling of a ribeye is so juicy and an absolutely glorious hunk of meat making it perfect for two hungry people to share.

Andrew Clarke (award-winning chef & restaurateur) talks cote de boeuf:
"This is a more manageable sharing cut for cooking in a home kitchen. It is a thick ribeye, on the bone – a smaller bone than the tomahawk steak, but no less impressive.

Invest in a good quality cast iron pan and make sure your kitchen extractor is on full power!

Get the pan searing hot and pour in a little vegetable oil. Season the steak with coarse sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, then sear for 2-3 minutes on each side, to get a nice exterior crust.

Turn the heat down to medium-high, and continue to cook, flipping every 30-40 seconds, load the pan with plenty of salted butter, fresh garlic cloves and a few sprigs of fresh thyme, then baste the steak as it foams.

Cote de boeuf is an elegant sharing dish, so be sure to indulge on the sides and sauces, if you want to impress – truffled potatoes, bone marrow gravy, creamed spinach, that’ll do me!"

great taste® commented:
"Wow, this steak looked incredible with lovely juicy fat and an intense dry-aged meat aroma that was already mouthwatering. The juiciness on the palate was incredible. We were very impressed tasting the fat. We thought this was astounding when judging it without salt. When we added salt it was a phenomenal mouth party. We're in awe of your work. A truly amazing product."

Valentine Warner inspires:
"Cote de boeuf is a fine thing and especially when arriving with all the fine back fat and marbling that Swaledale is so famous for whilst ensuring a juicy and succulent mouthful.

This is a steak best served medium-rare so I'd be tempted to remove it from the heat when the internal temp. is no more than 53°C and maybe even 52°C - a long rest always being important.

Best results are when cooked** over glowing charcoal and wood smoke. Never one to put the grill to bed with the autumn sun it will be pulsing throughout the mean months as well. Take care though to avoid flare-ups from dripping fat. This can of course be avoided by using a pan on the barbecue or otherwise getting to grips with placement of embers and how to use the lid and vents.

Over the winter I serve cote de boeuf with leeks. Burn the outsides to midnight black over the grill but make sure they are soft within. Crumble off any of the char that falls away freely and trim the ends. Slice down the middle and bathe, green side down, in a simple dressing of fresh thyme leaves, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, flaked sea salt and fresh garlic. Wanting to then take what might seem an odd route, pass the leeks over with a heavy grating of mullet or tuna roe bottarga (that you eagerly bought on holiday and then didn’t know what to do with). This grated fish seasoning will go very well with the beef.

Fresh sage butter although always served with ox or calf liver is rarely served with beef. I highly recommend it though. Add smashed garlic cloves into the butter along with lemon peel and dried chilli flakes.

Grill peppers, peel them and then mix with sliced green olives, extra virgin olive oil, sherry vinegar, toasted walnuts and fresh marjoram. Eat with said beef chop. Yummers!

When in season I like to make fresh cep and apple en croûte. These two late summer winners when combined in buttery, flaky pastry go very well with a good strong juice and the sliced beef."

*All Swaledale beef is heritage breed and raised on independent farms and smallholdings dotted around the wildly beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Slow grown and free to roam on the swath of green hills and valleys; the result is exceptional tasting beef with an umami taste - rich, dense and flavourful. Swaledale Cote de Boeuf is Always Fresh Never Frozen®, butchered to order, vacuum packed, and shipped in recyclable packaging to arrive safely insulated and ready to enjoy.

**The following have been published on our journal: a detailed guide on how to cook cote de boeuf and Valentine Warner's cote de boeuf w/ salmoriglio recipe.


Grass-fed, heritage breed beef slow grown to maturity on the lush, green pastures of the Yorkshire Dales. Dry-aged on the bone for >28 days.

Cooking advice

  1. Take steak out of fridge, remove packaging, pat dry with kitchen paper, pop on a plate and allow to reach room temperature
  2. Oil* the steak and season generously with coarse sea salt and cracked black pepper
  3. Heat a non-stick pan or cast iron skillet until just starting to smoke
  4. Pop steak in the pan and sear fat side down, rotating the steak so all the fat renders approx. 2-3 minutes
  5. Turn the steak on its side, sear for 3-4 minutes until a dark caramelised exterior has developed
  6. Turn over and repeat
  7. Reduce the heat to medium-high and continue to cook, turning every 30-40 seconds, for a medium-rare steak approx. 12-14 minutes, an internal temperature of 53-54°C is perfect
  8. Consider finishing by adding to the pan salted butter, smashed garlic cloves, and thyme, then baste the steak as it foams
  9. Remove from the pan and rest for 8-10 minutes

*Select an oil with a high smoking point and neutral flavour

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