great taste® of Swaledale Butchers®

great taste® of Swaledale Butchers®

Since their inception in 1994, the gold ⭐ ratings of the great taste® awards have become a reliable barometer of quality. Competition entrants are scored on texture, aroma, appearance and flavour, without any bias being given to brand name or packaging; it’s a taste test, fair and square.

Swaledale has received great taste® stars for a number of its products, which have been brought together here in the great taste® Collection. Choose from delicious dry-cured bacon and classically spiced Yorkshire Breakfast Chipolatas, both a real treat for that proper weekend breakfast or authentically spiced Lamb Merguez Sausages.

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Then there’s the hugely versatile Fennel & Red Wine Sausages which are perfect in the smoker, on a pizza, in a ragù or a rustic soup. Our Jacob’s Ladder Beef Ribs are a favourite cut amongst the Swaledale team, they’re cut from the brisket and left on the bone, and have an incredible depth of flavour. The Pork Shoulder Chop, the pork equivalent of a Cote de Boeuf, is juicy and delicious whether grilled or braised. Two larger cuts ideal for slow weekend cookery are Mutton Shoulder, perfect for gently roasting until meltingly tender, and Topside of Beef, a fully flavoured beef joint best served medium-rare. The additional fat provided by our heritage breeds of cattle is particularly advantageous as it produces a cut that is far superior to a commercial beef joint.