Yorkshire Chicken (Free Range & Herb-fed)

Traditional Chicken

All of our small-flock Swaledale chicken is free range, born and raised on small independent poultry farms in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. In stark contrast to commercial chicken which is fast grown and often on the supermarket shelves within 4-6 weeks, our chickens are slow-grown, and allowed to reach maturity at their own pace.

Our farmers have a traditional and compassionate farming mentality, with the birds free to roam on established English pastures and raised to 81-days (full maturity). A high welfare and natural approach is at the heart of farming our birds, we expect the same standard for our chicken as with our beef, pork and lamb.

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  • Rolled Chicken w/ Wild Garlic Stuffing
    Rolled Chicken w/ Wild Garlic Stuffing

    Rolled Chicken w/ Wild Garlic Stuffing

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    Rolled Chicken w/ Wild Garlic Stuffing

More about Traditional 🐔 Chicken

Our chickens have a wonderful depth of flavour, and this is down to the wholesome and natural life they live. They live outdoors in the sunlight, and spend their days foraging for insects and grasses, exercising in the pastures, and expressing their natural behaviour and instincts. They usually only come inside at night, and that’s mostly for their own protection from predators; they sleep in small-flock huts and enjoy lush straw beds for warmth and comfort. Our flocks are reared with care and attention, they are nurtured, and a testament to traditional farming values.

Swaledale is a whole carcass butcher so a full range of fresh, free range chicken products are available, including chicken thighs, breasts and wings. Our chicken is versatile and can be the perfect meat for whatever meal you're cooking; whether it's a curry, summer barbecue or a roast dinner, our tasty and high welfare chicken will shine.