• Rolled Chicken w/ Wild Garlic Stuffing
  • Rolled Chicken w/ Wild Garlic Stuffing
  • Rolled Chicken w/ Wild Garlic Stuffing
  • Rolled Chicken w/ Wild Garlic Stuffing
  • Rolled Chicken w/ Wild Garlic Stuffing

Rolled Chicken w/ Wild Garlic Stuffing 1.6 kg


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  • Each joint weighs approx. 1.6 kg
  • Serves 4-6 people
  • Delivery 4-6 April only
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  • Delivered fresh
  • Suitable for freezing
  • Cook on the BBQ
  • Great for home roasting

Product description

A limited Easter Special sure to excite; a whole chicken, deboned, and stuffed with that most evocative of spring ingredients; wild garlic (along with some minced chicken thigh and smoked lardo).

This will give your roast chicken a simple yet creative twist. Serve with buttery mashed potato and a classic chicken gravy. Wilt wild garlic leaves through the gravy just before serving. Deliciously lazy!

Chef George Ryle inspires:
"The long Easter weekend is just about here. British Summer Time has begun and the air is full of the joy and endless optimism for warmer months to come; a true highlight of the calendar.

Here at Swaledale we're marking the occasion with something special for feasting. We’re boned out a limited number of our fantastic chickens and then stuffed them with a little chicken thigh mince, smoked lardo and freshly chopped wild garlic; a handful of rolled oats to soak up all the juices and fat, plus a touch of nutmeg, black pepper and lemon zest. We then rolled and tied the birds, ready to be roasted at home. A magnificently seasonal twist on roast chicken, the stuffing helping to keep the breast meat juicy and moist, whilst also imparting all those flavours into the meat.

Season the skin well with salt and brown off the skin in a pan, with a little oil. Once the skin is sufficiently browned on all sides then add a couple of knobs of butter, baste and transfer to the oven. Carved into beautiful little discs and served on a bed of buttery mash potato and then drench in chicken gravy, with a few bonus leaves of wild garlic wilted through it. It would also be the perfect thing to sit on top of a big plate of petits pois à la française; which is without doubt one of the most delicious things you can do with peas.

If by any chance you have a few slices leftover then try bread-crumbing them and then deep frying the following day with a slaw of cabbage, radishes, carrots and onion, all dressed in oil and lemon juice – a superb lunch."


Chicken, chicken thigh mince, smoked lardo*, wild garlic leaves, steel cut oatmeal, coarse sea salt, ground black pepper, ground nutmeg, lemon zest.

*Pork fatback, coarse sea salt, unrefined brown sugar, preservatives (sodium nitratesodium nitrite).

  • Allergy advice for allergens see ingredients in bold
  • Wild Garlic Stuffing is naturally free-from gluten

Cooking advice

  1. Take chicken out of fridge, remove packaging, pat dry with kitchen paper, pop on a plate and allow to reach room temperature
  2. Preheat your oven to 170°C
  3. Season the rolled chicken well with sea salt
  4. Heat a large frying pan or cast-iron skillet over a medium heat with a tablespoon of oil
  5. Brown the chicken on all sides, rotating regularly
  6. Add a knob of butter and baste the chicken with the foaming butter. Transfer the pan to the oven and cook for 12 minutes
  7. Remove from the oven, rotate the chicken and baste heavily with the butter, then return to the oven for another 12 minutes
  8. Remove from the oven and leave to rest - if using a thermometer, the final internal temperature you're aiming for is 72°C. The chicken will continue to cook as it rests as the residual heat moves through the meat, so remove from the oven at 68°-69°. Rest for at least 20 minutes before carving

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