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Pig Liver 350g

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Product description

Pig* liver is full of essential vitamins and iron. Thinly sliced for flash-frying or diced and mixed through coarsely minced pork, generous seasoning, herbs and spices for an unbeatable country-style pâté or wrapped in thin slices of smoked streaky before slow-baking in a bain-marie. Delicious with crusty bread and cornichons, a French classic.

Chef Valentine Warner inspires:
"Softer and richer than lamb liver and that of the pig can be overlooked.

I like to mush it up with pork fat, a little mince, onions, black pepper, allspice and brandy, then to be cooked in a Danish style of pâté. Smooth and creamy this is ace when spread thickly on crackers and eaten with dill and pickles in front of the television with a cold beer.

A dish reserved almost entirely for calves liver, sliced thin and dredged then browned in butter and combined with an excess of velvety onions, a little stock and white wine vinegar give pig liver the Venezia treatment aka Fegato alla Veneziana which translates as Venetian liver and onions.

For days when you can see your breath in the cold air and combined with, spices, kidneys and mince then bound in caul fat, all bubbling in a super-rich onion gravy and the faggots should not only be found in those rarefied pubs of yore that still uphold the pickled egg as well as acceptably uncomfortable wooden furniture!"

*Tamworth and Middle White pigs are reared outside where they can root around, wallow and exhibit all of their instinctive behaviours. They're matured at their own pace which enables the fat to naturally marble the meat, and gives the pork a superior texture. Pig livers are Always Fresh Never Frozen®, butchered to order, vacuum packed, and shipped in recyclable packaging to arrive safely insulated and ready to enjoy.


Outdoor-reared, heritage breed pig liver.

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