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Henry Harris

Henry Harris - Harcourt Inns

The Harris family favourite is grilled on the barbecue and served in a split baguette that has been slathered with a little aïoli along with a handful of roquette leaves.

I was introduced to this in Paris on a market trip as a trucker's snack where pommes frites were added. At 4am with a cold beer it was memorable. Make chips and do the same or long thin roast potatoes work very nicely too.

The warm spiciness and meat juices that cooking these sausages delivers makes them a joy to us.

Being chipolata in size they don’t take too long to cook.

Briskly in a heavy frying pan is excellent or on a ridged cast iron grill. Outdoors on a barbecue but watch the flames as the juices contain some fat which can make for a dramatic production.

Rolled into flatbread with feta, red onion, parsley and mint salad and some Greek yoghurt seasoned with fresh mint and a little harissa.

Grilled lightly and cut into short lengths and added to a slow-braised shoulder of lamb.

Grill them and serve alongside the butterflied leg of lamb recipe and feed more people!

Grilled and cut into short lengths and served as a companion to oysters, a bite of hot sausage washed down with a briny oyster or vice versa.

Take equal quantities of Merguez and Cumberland sausages, skin and mix them together and use to make sausage rolls.