• Venison Shoulder Roast, Rolled
  • Venison Shoulder Roast, Rolled
  • Venison Shoulder Roast, Rolled

Venison Shoulder Roast, Rolled


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Expertly prepared by Swaledale's experienced butchery team, this versatile cut from the shoulder comprises the entire neck fillet and surrounding muscles, neatly rolled for easy carving and impressive presentation. With venison*, the neck muscle has the greatest depth of flavour of all - think of a more familiar beef or pork ribeye - although in this instance we recommend a longer, slower cook. 

This would make a delicious and welcome alternative to lamb on a Sunday, roasted on sliced onions, stock and cider or wine, with perhaps a bowl of bashed celeriac or swede, buttered cabbage and a dollop of damson or blackberry jelly.

Well seasoned, seared and pot roasted would be another excellent approach. Brown off some smoked bacon lardons, and soften carrots and onions in the resulting fat. Add in the rolled venison shoulder, some bay and thyme, and then liquid to keep things moist, before popping on a lid and into a low oven. 

Homemade chicken stock paired with red wine is a classic and delicious choice, however George Ryle's recipe for Braised venison shoulder, chestnuts, bacon & cider w/ crushed celeriac is more unusual and utterly delectable. 

A rolled venison shoulder roast, transformed into the classic Mexican dish Birria would be an absolute triumph; the smoky warmth of ancho and guajillo, spices, then vinegar to cut through the richness of the meat, and sugar to add balance. Pure corn tortillas are a must, and served with lime, a bowl of raw diced onion and chopped fresh coriander.*Swaledale wild venison live a natural life on the Harewood Estate in West Yorkshire. These slow grown fallow deer are free to roam and forage amongst the bounty of the forest and pastures for a nutrient-rich diet of various grasses, herbs, fruit, nuts, acorns and wildflowers. Swaledale wild venison is lean and tender meat, naturally marbled and with a rich and dense umami flavour. All our venison is dry-aged on the carcass for 10-days to intensify its gamy character. Rolled Venison Shoulder Roast is Always Fresh Never Frozen®, butchered to order, vacuum packed, and shipped in recyclable packaging to arrive safely insulated and ready to enjoy. Please note Swaledale Butchers® work in harmony with the life cycle of wild deer, therefore this is a seasonal product only available from early autumn to late winter.


Wild, estate-reared venison.

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