• Venison Haunch Joint
  • Venison Haunch Joint
  • Venison Haunch Joint
  • Venison Haunch Joint
  • Venison Haunch Joint

Venison Haunch Joint


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Product description

An interesting and delicious alternative Sunday joint, a roast venison* haunch is an autumnal treat packed with wild, gamy notes. Naturally lean and as such best cooked medium-rare for essential moisture retention and to experience the full spectrum of flavours.

Chef Valentine Warner inspires:
"Smeared with fresh anchovies chillies, black olives and dried herbs and a butterflied or whole venison haunch joint under the grill lid and it's suitable for a slow grill over the pulsing orange and grey embers of the charcoal barbecue. So too marinated in yoghurt, puréed raw onion, garlic, ginger and spices will deliver a fabulous tandoori offering.

With dried Mexican chillies, vinegar and spices it makes the most sensational birria (traditionally made with goat) and should be eaten with pure corn tortillas, lime wedges, chopped raw onion and fresh coriander.

As a traditional roast lunch, venison haunch joint makes for a thankful alternative to oh no not lamb again!

Adventurous souls may want to cure the leg in salt, sugar and black pepper before hanging it in order to achieve a dry-cured leg that is great to eat alongside cold sherry or taken for trips into the wild to nick at with a pen knife on the side of a hill.

Cooked very carefully with molasses, beer and a few spices and pulled venison in a bun with watercress and extra barbecue sauce is pure trash food heaven."

*Swaledale wild venison live a natural life on the Harewood Estate in West Yorkshire. These slow grown fallow deer are free to roam and forage amongst the bounty of the forest and pastures for a nutrient-rich diet of various grasses, herbs, fruit, nuts, acorns and wildflowers. Swaledale wild venison is lean and tender meat, naturally marbled and with a rich and dense umami flavour. All of our venison is dry-aged for 10-days on the carcass to intensify its gamy character. Venison haunch joint is Always Fresh Never Frozen®, butchered to order, vacuum packed, and shipped in recyclable packaging to arrive safely insulated and ready to enjoy.  Please note Swaledale Butchers® work in harmony with the life cycle of wild deer, therefore this is a seasonal product only available from early autumn to late winter.


Wild, estate-reared venison.

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