• Trimmed Rib of Beef
  • Trimmed Rib of Beef
  • Trimmed Rib of Beef
  • Trimmed Rib of Beef

Trimmed Rib of Beef


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Product description

Revered by meat connoisseurs and chefs alike, our Trimmed Rib of Beef roasting joint is perhaps the ultimate celebratory centrepiece. Prepared from the prime rib section of the forequarter, trimmed rib of beef is packed with depth of flavour thanks to the high levels of natural marbling, particularly evident in our grass-fed heritage beef* breeds such as Highland, Dexter and Belted Galloway.

Visually stunning due to the French trimmed rib bones extending from the joint, the bone being an important detail, ensuring even cooking and moisture retention, whilst also maximising flavour. The chine bone is removed by our team of expert butchers, to ensure easy carving at the table. Best cooked medium-rare in our opinion.

Chef Val Warner inspires:
"Trimmed Rib of Beef is an almighty treat for guests, and will provide a sensational alternative to your usual Sunday roast.

For the jus: in a very generous amount of olive oil, fry finely chopped garlic and one (finger length) red chilli for a couple of minutes, taking care to stir it constantly. Now add three salted anchovies while continuing to stir until the anchovies collapse. Throw in a few large handfuls of chopped, washed and drained chard, and cook low and slow for an hour with a lid on. You may need to add a little water. Finish with the juice of half a lemon, cooking it for a little longer. Check the seasoning. The end result should be moist but not watery.

Roast a few halved autumn tomatoes, amplifying the sour and sweet with a good passing over of brown sugar and red wine vinegar, plus dried thyme, fennel seeds, salt and pepper. Drizzle with a little olive oil. Roast hard until beginning to whither and faintly burn.

For the beef joint itself: season with rosemary salt and then brown the outside speedily but well. Trimmed Rib of Beef is easy to roast provided you use a thermometer, as suggested cooking times are just too imprecise a rule to go by. Once the internal temperature of the beef reads 53°C take it out and allow to rest for 20-minutes.

Pouring the fat from the tray, finish the remaining jus with a little red wine and a rainy splash of red wine vinegar.

Cube your potatoes to a medium dice and boil until semi soft. Fry the potatoes in a generous amount of either duck fat or dripping until very crispy. Toss with salt, and finely chopped raw garlic and parsley.

A wonderful combination."

*All our beef is heritage breed and raised on independent farms and smallholdings dotted around the wildly beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Slow grown and free to roam on the swath of green hills and valleys; the result is naturally marbled, exceptional tasting beef with an umami taste - rich, dense and flavourful. Our beef fillet is aged on the carcass to intensify its natural grass-fed character. Swaledale Trimmed Rib of Beef is Always Fresh Never Frozen®, butchered to order, vacuum packed, and shipped in recyclable packaging to arrive safely insulated and ready to enjoy. We also sell Rib of Beef.


Grass-fed, heritage breed beef slow-grown to maturity on the lush, green pastures of the Yorkshire Dales. Dry-aged on the bone for >28 days.

Cooking advice

A detailed guide on how to cook a trimmed rib of beef is published on our journal.

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