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  • Grass-fed
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  • Great for home roasting

Product description

Our grass-fed minced beef fat is naturally high in omega-3 thanks to the diverse range of grasses on which our heritage cattle feed on the limestone pastures of the Yorkshire Dales.

It is perfect for slowly rendering and straining to make tallow, the beef equivalent of lard which is a versatile ingredient to have on hand in the kitchen. With a high smoking point it is perfect for roasting potatoes, frying pommes frites or bringing to smoking point to sear steak.

Render in a pan over the lowest of flames with a little water to prevent the fat scorching, strain and store in a refrigerated airtight container.

Minced beef fat also works well scattered over a leaner roasting joint such as a topside or rump, providing additional fat to baste the joint whilst roasting, maintaining succulence and adding flavour.

Chef Valentine Warner inspires:
"Minced beef fat is very useful indeed and the point, in particular, of this ground external fat is that when rendered I’d be prone to do this without the use of water that the solids be taken to a browned and crispy result. Simply warm the minced fat slowly and cook until the solids start to turn a nut brown colour. 

Scattered, in its unrendered pale mince form over potatoes and not only will the dripping give them that beefy punch but also the pleasure of minute little savoury nibbles...so delicious when mixed with coarse sea salt.

The fat is a butch winner when poured over seared scallops as an alternative to hot butter, maybe even with some fresh sage leaves pre-crisped in it.

Painted on grilled flat breads it takes them into another dimension especially when scattered with capers, raw onion and given a fine grating of maybe some tangy hard cheese.

Snow white dripping is one thing but what I call dirty fat is a joy in its seasoning and luxuriating possibilities..."


Grass-fed beef fat.

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