• Bronze Turkey, Whole (incl. giblets)
  • Bronze Turkey, Whole (incl. giblets)
  • Bronze Turkey, Whole (incl. giblets)
  • Bronze Turkey, Whole (incl. giblets)
  • Bronze Turkey, Whole (incl. giblets)

Bronze Turkey, Whole (incl. giblets)


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Product description

⭐⭐ great taste® 2023

Free range, herb-feb Bronze turkey, is in our opinion the finest and most deliciously succulent variety of turkey there is. The Bronze is a smaller, slower growing breed, typically reared up to 22-weeks. It has a naturally higher fat content, a vital detail which ensures that all important succulence. The Bronze meat is reliably juicy, dense and complex in flavour; it excels on every front, defying the notion that turkey is tasteless and dry.

Bronze turkeys live in small flocks and lead a completely free range life, with the highest environmental and animal welfare standards. They enjoy a natural diet, rich in a wide variety of herbs, from parsley and thyme to chervil and tarragon, which gives the meat an extra rich flavour dimension. The brown, juicy leg meat contrasts beautifully with the white meat of the breasts, resulting in a bird that is sensational to eat. Our free range, herb-fed, whole Bronze turkeys are a stunning centrepiece that will entice people to your table this Christmas, and deliver a meal worth celebrating.

It would be churlish to suggest anything else to accompany your turkey this Christmas other than all the traditional ‘trimmings’; done well, the classic Christmas roast with pigs in blankets has no rival. If you’d like to embellish the table with a couple of leftfield additions, then why not add a pot of braised red cabbage; its festive spices shine alongside a healthy amount of grated quince and apple, and enough brown sugar to perfectly balance out the vinegar. Or perhaps these roasted Christmas apples w/ sausage & jelly, they’re another dish that could make a brilliant accompaniment to your Bronze turkey this year.

Don’t forget the potential for these leftovers to become sensational meals in their own right. The carcass and bones will make a truly excellent stock. For a healthy Boxing day treat, make a broth of turkey stock, with shredded meat, diced carrots, a little rice and a good glug of sherry. If not that, then a turkey biryani will be just the ticket.

great taste® commented:
"This is a handsome bird with a brilliant skin which has great nuttiness, with hints of the cereals it was fed on. The dark meat is richly flavoured and the white, though subtler, has a clean and moreish flavour. The cooking juices have a delicate acidity allied with depth and richness. A good bird. 

This is a magnificent looking bird. The meat is succulent, the dark meat flavoursome and the white meat moist and tender. This is a good quality turkey and the quality of the meat is a reflection of the care taken over the rearing of this bird. 

This is a good-looking bird with a lovely bronzed skin. Both the white and dark meat was deliciously moist, tender and full of flavour."


Free range, herb-fed turkey.

Cooking advice

Resting the turkey is key. Covering the bird in recycled aluminium foil means you can cook it early, at a time that works best for your schedule, and leave it to relax and the juices to disperse evenly through the meat. Don't carve the bird too soon or you will lose essential juices, and with it, that all important succulence. The bird will stay hot for several hours; in fact your turkey will carry on cooking when removed from the oven and will in fact increase in temperature before cooling. We would recommend resting for a minimum of one hour or ideally for as long as you roasted it.

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