• Bronze Whole Turkey with giblets, Free Range & Herb-fed

Bronze Whole Turkey with giblets, Free Range & Herb-fed

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  • Suitable for freezing
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  • Grass-fed
  • Native breed
  • Great for home roasting

Product description

A stunning, show-stopping centrepiece to entice everyone to the table for Christmas lunch.

In our opinion, the finest and most deliciously succulent variety of turkey; the Bronze is a smaller, slower growing breed - typically up to 22 weeks - that wins on every level to defy the notion turkey is tasteless and dry.

With a naturally higher fat content, this all-important detail providing essential succulence, the meat is reliably juicy, dense and complex in flavour. The brown, juicy leg meat contrasting beautifully with the white meat of the breasts.

Herb-fed Bronze turkeys, originally from Mexico, live in small flocks leading a completely free range life with the highest environmental and animal welfare standards. A natural diet rich in a wide variety of herbs, from parsley & thyme to chervil & tarragon, gives the juicy meat an extra rich flavour dimension.


100% free range, herb-fed turkey

Cooking advice

Resting is key. Covering the bird in recycled aluminium foil means you can cook it when works best for your schedule and leave it to relax and the juices to disperse evenly through the meat. Don't carve the bird too soon or you will lose essential juices resulting in dry meat. The bird will stay hot for several hours; in fact your turkey will carry on cooking when removed from the oven and will in fact increase in temperature before cooling. We would recommend resting for a minimum of one hour or ideally for as long as you roasted it.  

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