• Dry-cured York-style Ham Rump, Boneless & Uncooked
  • Dry-cured York-style Ham Rump, Boneless & Uncooked
  • Dry-cured York-style Ham Rump, Boneless & Uncooked

Dry-cured York-style Ham Rump, Boneless & Uncooked 1.6 kg


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  • Each ham weighs approx. 1.6 kg

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  • Suitable for freezing
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  • Great for home roasting
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Product description

Produced using the same artisan techniques as our full York-style Ham, this cut is only the rump of the pig*. We use a dry-cure of salt and brown sugar which we leave for several days, to ensure the seasoning penetrates all the way through the meat.

This smaller, single muscle ham is perfect for any occasion and is perhaps a little more accessible than the larger hams in our range, and is an ideal size for a small family. A huge positive is that the rump is likely to come with a substantial covering of flavoursome fat, this elevates the flavour and softens the texture.

We recommend poaching in water then glazing and roasting in the oven. There are plenty of options for glazing a ham like this; apple juice, molasses, mace and white peppercorns or orange juice, honey, cloves and star anise, are just a couple of ideas. Remove the rind, score the fat and rub with a little mustard powder to help the glaze stick.

Chef George Ryle inspires:
"Try slicing whilst still warm from the oven and serving with a salad of summer beans, celery, shallots, capers and mustard.

Or with a potato salad, plenty of chives, cornichons and a couple of hard boiled eggs. A picnic centrepiece that will wow the crowds.

Or allow the ham to cool, pop it in the fridge and it can provide ammunition for a weeks’ worth of lunches. A ham salad sandwich? Or jambon-beurre? Or simply a plate of ham, a pile of cornichons and some celeriac rémoulade. Heaven!"

*We develop all of our cured products using the same quality pork we use for our whole muscle cuts – free range Tamworth and Middle White pigs are reared outside where they can root around, wallow and exhibit all of their instinctive behaviours. They're matured at their own pace which enables the fat to naturally marble the meat, and gives the pork a superior texture and depth of flavour.


Pork, coarse sea salt, unrefined brown sugar, preservatives (sodium nitratesodium nitrite).

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