• Dry-cured Smoked Streaky Bacon, Extra-thin-sliced
  • Dry-cured Smoked Streaky Bacon, Extra-thin-sliced

Dry-cured Smoked Streaky Bacon, Extra-thin-sliced 250g


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Product description

For our delicious Swaledale streaky bacon we use free-range Middle White and Tamworth pigs, both traditional heritage breeds with an exceptional depth of flavour. In the traditional fashion, whole bellies are dry-cured to our own in-house recipe, then smoked over beech wood. This method ensures a bacon that’s exceptional in the three ways that matter: texture, taste, and smell.

We slice the belly a little thinner than most butchers do, which opens it up to some more leftfield uses. At this thickness, this bacon is the ideal candidate for laying flat and baking at a medium heat until turning a deep brown and just beginning to crisp. It is then the perfect accoutrement to many a dish; for few things are not improved by a couple of slices of thinly sliced, high quality bacon.

Chef George Ryle inspires:
"A chicken crown, roasted to perfection, carved and sliced, then served next to a lush Caesar salad, the dressing rich with anchovies and parmesan; sounds pretty great. Now add a few rashers of this bacon, cooked as suggested above, and drape over the salad. Sounds even better, right?

Or maybe, a medium-rare flat iron steak with roast onions, bone marrow and, again, a couple of rashers of bacon over the top.

For those with a sense of adventure and a deep-seated desire to cook the classics, have a crack at a pork and pistachio terrine. Use this extra thin sliced bacon to line your terrine mould. Fill with coarsely chopped pork fat, livers and minced belly, some terrine spices, a glug of brandy and chopped sage. Keep it in the fridge and it will feed a family for a week, while also fuelling your culinary obsessions. There is nothing like the pride that washes over you when you cook a good terrine."

*Swaledale Butchers make 'proper' bacon, using age-old traditional methods and the same top quality, whole cuts of belly, back, loin and shoulder as we sell fresh. Native breeds have an exceptional depth-of-flavour, the Tamworth pig is prized for its superb bacon.


Pork, coarse sea salt, unrefined brown sugar, preservatives (sodium nitratesodium nitrite).

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