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Cotechino 350g


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  • Each sausage weighs approx. 350g
  • Typically serves 2

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  • Suitable for freezing
  • Delivered fresh
  • Native breed

Product description

Our Cotechino sausage is perfect for two to share, this classic Italian sausage requires long, slow simmering to break down the gelatinous cuts from which it is made, namely pig's cheek.

We make our Cotechino sausages with the same quality pork we use for our whole muscle cuts; free range Middle White and Tamworth, traditional heritage breeds with exceptional depth of flavour.

Chef Valentine Warner inspires:
"A most delicious Italian sausage for its gluey gelatinous pig cheek offering and this is among my favourites for autumn and winter eating. Poach the sausage at barely a wobble for 60-90 minutes and then allow to cool before slicing and frying. Reserve the stock as this may become a soup or braise that the sausage would be well to return too. A fortifying soup plate of say braised cannellini beans and cotechino, with a hint of chilli heat and barely a hint of white wine and tomato.

Similar to a pommes aligot and I like to load up a potato purée with beaten-in taleggio and raw garlic, the sliced and fried sausage then settled on top. Such a plate will certainly need a good glass of wine to help melt it away from the artery walls. But who cares, as I eat for joy!

Alternatively make a sharp little salad of puy lentils, diced carrot and fresh parsley and jewel with some chopped up, syrupy, Italian mustard fruits or pickles arranged between such glistening seared circles of the sausage.

Go nuts and stuff a duck with pre-poached cotechino and serve with a fairly intense red wine and honey jus, the plate decorated with whole roast or candied chestnuts beside the lucky duck."


50:50 blend of pork shoulder and full cheek (98%), continental curing salts, ground black pepper, ground nutmeg seed, ground mace.

  • Allergy advice for allergens see ingredients in bold
  • Filled into 100% natural casings
  • Cotechino is naturally free-from gluten

Cooking advice

Simmer for 80-90 minutes, ideally with fresh stock vegetables and herbs including carrot, onion, garlic and celery, bay leaf, thyme and black peppercorns.

Once cooked remove the skin, slice and serve - it has a wonderfully luscious mouthfeel and is perfect sliced over lentils or with other boiled meats in a classic bollito misto.

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