• Rack of Hogget
  • Rack of Hogget
  • Rack of Hogget
  • Rack of Hogget
  • Rack of Hogget
  • Rack of Hogget

Rack of Hogget 750g


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  • Each rack weighs approx. 750g
  • Typically serves 2
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Product description

A 6-bone rack, cut from the best end of the loin from these outstanding, pure breed Swaledale hoggets*. Cooking a rack of hogget requires, for best results, an attentive eye and a touch of patience. The fat needs to be well rendered and the meat best at a blushing pink. We remove the chine bone for simple carving and so that you may use the bone to make a cracking sauce.

Chef George Ryle inspires:
"Cook the rack on a BBQ, as well as some whole aubergines. Let the aubergine skin char a little and absorb some of the aroma from the smouldering coals, before scooping out the flesh and seasoning with garlic, plenty of good olive oil and lemon juice. Carve the hogget and serve with a dressing of fresh oregano, garlic and lemon. A salad of raw sliced courgettes, mint and shaved pecorino on the side.

Or roast the rack in the more classic style; first in a pan, then finished in a low oven, basting frequently. Serve with a warm dish of lentils braised in white wine and stock and Swiss chard cooked with garlic, capers and olive oil."

*Hogget are yearling lambs, aged 12-24 months that are left to develop and fatten naturally on the rich, nutrient dense grass of the spring and summer months. Grown in the way nature intended, and left to mature at their own pace, hogget is a testament to the superior quality, taste and texture of native breed meat. The meat from a hogget sits nicely between that of lamb and mutton; with a more pronounced and evolved flavour than lamb but far more tender than mutton, it truly is fantastic meat to cook with. Rack of hogget is Always Fresh Never Frozen®, butchered to order, vacuum packed, and shipped in recyclable packaging to arrive safely insulated and ready to enjoy.


Our hogget is bred by Garry Schofield who farms National Trust land in the stunning valley of Upper Wharfedale, just above the pretty village of Buckden. This is peak Yorkshire Dales, with truly breath-taking scenery. These sheep are able to spend their lives roaming the meadows, slopes and moorland of this special place, grazing on lush pasture and wildflowers.

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