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  • cooked haggis served with neeps, tatties and collard greens
  • cooked st. john haggis served with neeps, tatties and braising juices spooned over

x St. JOHN Haggis 1 kg

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* Each haggis weighs approx. 1 kg and generously feeds 4* Sold individually (one per customer only) * For delivery on 25 January

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  • Suitable for freezing
  • Delivered fresh
  • Grass-fed
  • Native breed

Product description

We’re delighted to collaborate with our great friends St. JOHN to produce one hundred haggises to celebrate Burns Night on 25 January 2022.

A Burns Night tradition, haggis celebrates the birthday of legendary poet Robert Burns, its origins dating back to 1801.

True to Fergus Henderson's iconic cookbook Nose to Tail Eating, first published in 1999 and arguably a greater influence on a generation of chefs than any other, these haggises have been crafted in the hallowed kitchens of St. JOHN by head chef Farokh Talati.

As kindred exponents of the whole carcass butchery philosophy and nose to tail cooking and eating, no other delicious thing honours these concepts better than a St. JOHN Haggis; each one containing a sheep's ‘pluck’ seasoned, spiced and combined with buttery onions, oatmeal and suet.

Perfectly paired with neeps, tatties and collard greens (Red Russian Kale or cavolo nero would be perfect). Dijon mustard is an excellent accompaniment.


Sheep’s pluck (heart, lungs & liver), chicken stock, pinhead oatmeal, suet, chopped onions, coarse sea salt, ground black pepper, ground allspice. Filled into 100% natural casings.

This product is naturally free from gluten.

Cooking Advice

The Haggis is a glorious thing, studded with pinhead oats, spiked with whiskey, rich with flavour and tradition. But at St. JOHN we break with tradition when it comes to the cooking – rather than the somewhat dour water bath we treat our haggises to a gentle braise in whiskey and chicken stock. If you wish to do the same, take a medium-sized, deep-sided roasting dish and nestle your haggis in the centre. Pour chicken stock to a depth of around 2” and add a scatter of salt and a healthy glug of whiskey, then place in a gentle oven for an hour until done. The braising juices create a beautiful sauce to spoon over your haggis when serving.

Back to tradition for the accompaniments – neeps and tatties of course. You all know how to make mashed potato, buttery and silky, but if you need a little guidance for the neeps we recommend a 3:2:1 ratio of swede:carrot:onion. Boil all of these together until tender, drain and steam dry, then put through a moulis and stir with a good quantity of butter.

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