• x som saa | sai ua Thai pork sausage
  • x som saa | sai ua Thai pork sausage
  • x som saa | sai ua Thai pork sausage
  • x som saa | sai ua Thai pork sausage
  • x som saa | sai ua Thai pork sausage

x som saa | sai ua Thai pork sausage 500g


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  • Each sausage weighs approx. 500g
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  • Delivered fresh
  • Suitable for freezing
  • Native breed
  • Cook on the BBQ
  • great for home smoking

Product description

We are delighted to welcome back to the spotlight, for an unprecedented fourth appearance in our collaboration series, Thai sai ua sausages. This was actually the first collaboration we ever embarked upon, and it’s certainly proved to be one of the most popular!

It’s the perfect partnership; combining the talent and knowledge of the wonderful folk at som saa, with the sausage making expertise of our in-house butchery team. Together, we pay homage to this staple of Northern Thai cuisine, and bring you a totally awesome, unique and ‘different’ sausage.

Belly and shoulder of free range Middle White pork are expertly spiced with som saa's curry paste and northern Thai spices, seasoned with shrimp paste and fish sauce, and fragranced with makrut lime zest and herbs. The richness of the outdoor reared, heritage breed, dry-aged pork is perfectly balanced by the spiciness of the curry paste; these components come together in a most harmonious way to deliver a traditional sai ua that’s bursting with flavour. It’s unlike anything you’ll taste in the European sausage repertoire, and promises to give your barbecue a most exciting twist.

Our long-time friends Andy and Mark, backed by their incredible team, have been delighting diners with their regional and highly authentic Thai cuisine at their site on Commercial Road since way back in 2016; and what a triumph it has been. To have the confidence to serve traditional regional Thai food in a central London restaurant is one thing, but to have the skills to actually pull it off is next level cooking. We at Swaledale are very proud to have played a part in som saa’s phenomenal journey, and long may it continue!

Where possible, we suggest cooking the sai ua sausage slowly over the smouldering embers of a barbecue, so the fat is not forced out. Serve it with sticky rice and a pounded Thai salad – spicy, fragrant and bright. A pounded cucumber salad w/ peanuts & beans (tam dtaeng kwaa) is a great place to start and Mark Dobbie's recipe is published on our journal. 


Pork shoulder and belly (83%), red curry paste (dried chillies, fresh shallot, fresh garlic, fresh Thai galangal, fresh lemongrass, fresh coriander root, shrimp paste, fresh red birds eye chillies, fresh makrut lime zest, ground white pepper, ground cumin seed, ground coriander seed), fish sauce, fresh coriander, fresh long leaf coriander, fresh Vietnamese mint, fresh makrut lime leaf, curry powder, laap spice.

  • Allergy advice for allergens see ingredients in bold
  • Filled into 100% natural casings
  • Naturally free-from gluten

Cooking advice

Best slowly grilled over charcoal (medium heat) or pan-fried. Serve with fresh Thai herbs or a sour-spicy sweet Thai salad and sticky rice. Alternatively, fusion-style in a fluffy ciabatta roll stuffed with fresh Thai herbs, as a starter with a simple dipping sauce, or as a more substantial meal alongside a pounded cucumber salad with peanuts and snake beans (tam dtaeng kwaa) and sticky rice.

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