• x BREDDOS Toluca-style Red Chorizo
  • x BREDDOS Toluca-style Red Chorizo
  • x BREDDOS Toluca-style Red Chorizo
  • x BREDDOS Toluca-style Red Chorizo
  • x BREDDOS Toluca-style Red Chorizo
  • x BREDDOS Toluca-style Red Chorizo
  • x BREDDOS Toluca-style Red Chorizo

x BREDDOS Toluca-style Red Chorizo 500g


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  • Each chorizo weighs approx. 500g
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  • Suitable for freezing
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  • Native breed
  • Great for home roasting
  • Cook on the BBQ

Product description

We’re buzzing to have teamed up with our favourite amigos Nud and Chris, the visionaries behind the legend that is Breddos, one of the most acclaimed taco restaurants in London.

With a vibe and a menu inspired by the roadside taquerias they encountered in Mexico, Breddos is all about food that’s vibrant, tactile and real. This authentic and spicy Toluca-style Red Chorizo was the perfect collaboration.

We’ve matched the quality of Swaledale’s shoulder and belly of free range, dry-aged Middle White pork, and married it with a secret Breddos spice blend, to create a traditional Mexican chorizo, a raw pork sausage that requires cooking before eating.

Laced with coriander seed, ancho chilli and other fragrant Mexican spices, this is leagues above your average chorizo and is sensational when crumbled into tacos or served alongside your eggs and bacon for a spicy breakfast! Buen provecho amigos!

🌶️ Uncooked chorizo is softer to the touch and when cooking releases a delicious, spicy, red oil which comes from red chilli peppers.

🇲🇽 Mexican chorizo was first produced in Toluca and differs from Spanish chorizo which is cured.

Chef Val Warner inspires:
"x BREDDOS Toluca-style Red Chorizo stays very true to what you’d expect to find in that central American land of wonderful food and cooking. Very different from Spanish chorizo, the sausage must always be cooked from raw, the consistency much crumblier and akin to a more conventional sausage with a flavoursome mince in the skin. It is not a sliceable cured sausage with a large fat content. Vinegar is an important ingredient and one that makes such a sausage so delicious. The spicing uses different chillies whilst clove, in no way overpowering, is essential.

I love Mexican chorizo and as a voracious consumer of tacos, eat a lot of them.

Cook onions very slowly with cumin, dried oregano and black pepper, add in some parboiled potato, cubed smallish, and crumble in a good amount of the chorizo. Continue to cook until the potato is soft and the chorizo cooked and starting to catch. Serve in small corn tortillas with a green salsa being my preferred approach. For the salsa simply whizz up fresh jalapeños with a small bunch of fresh coriander, lime juice, a little groundnut oil and salt. Stir in some tender sweet raw onion.

Chorizo, potato and onion tacos with a green salsa is Mexican for sausage and beans on toast. Unsweetened gooseberries can be a delicious replacement in the absence of green tomatoes for the salsa.

In a breakfast taco with hard boiled eggs, seasoned avocado and chilli sauce plus a scattering of toasted pumpkin seeds and served with a lime wedge and this is a fabulous start to the day."


Pork shoulder and belly (91%), red wine vinegar, fresh garlic, coarse sea salt, ancho chilli powder, chilli flakes, ground cumin seed, chilli powder, achiote paste, preservative (sulphur dioxide), ground black pepper, ground coriander seed, dried Mexican oregano, ground clove, ground cinnamon.

*Filled into 100% natural casings.

*This product is naturally free-from gluten.

Allergy advice

For allergens see ingredients in bold.

Chef's suggestions

El Cocinero Warner

"...so too and a prawn stew benefits from the addition of a little chorizo. Such a stew should be tomato-based with a strong influence of perhaps star anise or avocado leaves for that aniseed taste and some chipotle chilli. Most likely I'll eat this with warmed tortillas on the side but fry them and they become tostadas. I like to load these crispy bases with a little refried beans, then the prawns and chorizo, some roasted garlic and then a dollop of crème fraîche.

Simply grill a whole sausage and eat alongside some good beef. Swaledale certainly has plenty of that.

chicken tingais worth visiting - a Mexican braise with tomatoes, poached chicken and chillies. The chorizo is key to this dish.

A sort of open tamale…at a stretch I will often eat such sausages crumbled and fried and then plonked on top of some simply boiled and seasoned wet polenta with a little pico de gallo on top. Chopped fresh tomato, raw onion, lime juice, fresh coriander and chilli.

For hangovers I like to make a very strong clear chicken broth with a base of onion, pepper, oregano, cumin broth with lots of chillies. Sharpen with lime juice and then drop in thin slices of Swaledale cooked smoked tongue and Mexican chorizo. I sometimes follow with a few pinto beans and some tortilla crisps…that they go soggy. Garnish with chopped fresh coriander. Delicious and curiously curative."

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