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Salt Beef


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Product description

Delicious hot with poached carrots, seasonal greens and some of the deeply-flavoured cooking liquor, or cold, tender slices stacked in artisan bread with plenty of mustard and pickles on the side, salted beef is a delicious ingredient growing in popularity.

Salt beef is often referred to as corned beef, due to the size of crystals being similar to a corn kernel. We opt for silverside and dry-curing with coarse sea salt, unrefined brown sugar and various spices to produce a product that is very popular amongst our restaurant community.

100% grass-fed, heritage breed cattle, farmed in the backdrop of the Yorkshire Dales, produces superior quality beef, with an elevated depth of flavour, enhanced by proper dry-ageing and expert seam butchery by our skilled team.


Grass-fed beef, coarse sea salt, unrefined brown sugar, preservatives (sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite)

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