• Lamb Leg, Rolled
  • Lamb Leg, Rolled
  • Lamb Leg, Rolled
  • Lamb Leg, Rolled
  • Lamb Leg, Rolled
  • Lamb Leg, Rolled

Lamb Leg, Rolled


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  • Suitable for freezing
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  • Grass-fed
  • Native breed
  • Great for home roasting

Product description

A Sunday lunch classic, our lamb leg roast is an impressive centrepiece fit to grace any table. With the bone removed for ease of carving, this is a versatile joint that can be served medium-rare or slow-roasted. It also marinades well; think yogurt and tandoori spices followed by a hot oven or barbecue for a deliciously alternative take on a classic cut.

Chef Valentine Warner inspires:
"Being the infuriating man that I am and I’d be tempted to immediately unroll the lamb to then stuff it to then re-roll and tie it.

Stuff with say a mix containing puréed green or black olives, rosemary, garlic and anchovies collapsed in oil or maybe simply with chopped wild garlic and then roast it.

Pot roast with onion, garlic, rosemary, white wine, a little tomato and haricot beans and finish with lemon juice is delightful as would be all the same ingredients but replacing the beans for pre-roasted red peppers.

There is however a lot to be said for a more traditional roast, regardless I guess of my lack of enthusiasm for such a Sunday event. It’s just that cacophony of vegetables that sees me leave the stress to others.

Whilst not as fatty as the shoulder, the leg can indeed be braised in a pot roast to tender. White wine with celery and artichokes is a favourite as is red wine with root vegetables, equally revisited. Another favourite more rustic recipe is with onions, bacon, cider apples and turnips."

*Swaledale lambs roam free across vast distances, migrating between valleys and hill tops, foraging as they go. The limestone pastures of the Yorkshire Dales are home to a unique range of herbs, grass and wildflowers, the cocktail of which bestows the lamb with its distinctive flavour. Robust and slightly sweet in character, the Swaledale lamb also has a subtle herbal undertone; the provenance is unmistakably Yorkshire.

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Grass-fed lamb.

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