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  • Lamb Sweetbreads

Lamb Sweetbreads

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  • Suitable for freezing
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  • Grass-fed
  • Native breed
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Product description

Lamb sweetbreads a seasonal (spring, early summer) delicacy available from April until late August, early September. 

Much loved by our restaurant community, sweet lamb breads are unique compared to other cuts of lamb or offal. They taste richer and sweeter than typical meat with a hint of iodine - tender and creamy in texture.

Lamb sweetbreads, classified as offal, are the pancreas and thymus glands, often called heart or throat sweetbreads. Best served simply; pan fry or grill to perfectly compliment spring flavours such as broad beans and a pea purée or asparagus spears. Top tip: sweetbreads love bacon! 

Our heritage breeds of lamb roam freely in the Yorkshire Dales, the character of the landscape informing the flavour of the meat through the unique wildflowers, herbs and grasses on which the lambs graze.


100% grass-fed lamb

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