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  • Suitable for freezing
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  • Grass-fed
  • Native breed
  • Great for home roasting

Product description

Giving essential body to any braise, our heritage breed lamb* bones are ideal for a classic lamb stock. Ideally roasted prior to simmering for maximum depth with carrot, onion, celery and selected aromatics. Reduce further and add to pan juices of a lamb steak for an instant sauce with real body. Also perfect for freezing.

Chef George Ryle says:
"Swaledale lamb bones, cut from heritage breed lambs are the starting point for anyone looking to elevate their lamb dishes. Roast to a golden brown and then slowly simmer in water with a pinch of salt for a stock of pure lamb flavour. Or alternatively add in vegetables, aromatics and herbs to carefully steer the stock towards the final dish that you are planning to cook. The difference you will see between a gravy, sauce or braise that is made with a fresh stock as opposed to those made with water or a stock cube will be substantial. Stock is the best way to add depth of flavour to your cooking and well worth the effort.

The thing that immediately springs to my mind when I think about a good lamb stock is Scotch broth. That wonderful lamb flavour marries perfectly with cabbage, barley and diced root vegetables – the swede in particular being crucial.

A good stock would be sure to transform a biryani into something quite magical, or actually just as likely to have a transformative effect on something as simple as a shepherd’s pie.

Roasted and then into a pot with a beautifully sweated mirepoix, a glass of white wine, a sprig of fresh rosemary and then cover and simmered in chicken stock for an hour. Pass and reduce until you have a sauce of both clarity and depth.

Or diced mutton; spiced with chilli, cumin, cinnamon and coriander and cooked down with plenty of onions, garlic and lamb stock. Thickened with a little flour and then tipped into a pie dish and covered with savoury shortcrust pastry."

*Swaledale lambs roam free across vast distances, migrating between valleys and hill tops, foraging as they go. The limestone pastures of the Yorkshire Dales are home to a unique range of herbs, grass and wildflowers, the cocktail of which bestows the lamb with its distinctive flavour. Robust and slightly sweet in character, the Swaledale lamb also has a subtle herbal undertone; the provenance is unmistakably Yorkshire.


Grass-fed lamb bones.

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