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Diced Pork 500g


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  • Suitable for freezing
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  • Native breed
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Product description

Approximately inch-sized cubes, we use only pork* shoulder for its superior texture when slowly cooked or braised. A diverse cut, shoulder can also be used for quickly grilling over charcoal souvlaki-style.

Chef Valentine Warner adds:
"Beautiful diced pork is well-fatted and dry-aged, both absolutely essential to its eating. So too the shoulder meat used for dicing is perfect for yielding a truly tender result.

No stranger to the skewer and loaded between peppers and onions and scattered with oregano and coarse sea salt would be a perfect souvlaki for a post-char seasoning with lemon juice and eating with garlic yoghurt, bread  and salad

Skewered, grilled and with a velvety salsa romesco and charred leeks would be a fine idea for the barbecue also.

Slowly-braised with green peppers, red wine and black olives is deliciously simple braise.

Alternatively and when cooked with anchovies, fennel and white wine is a sensational companion for wet, buttery polenta.

Head towards Nagaland and the Burmese border with India and in a deep, fiery curry of chillies will often see diced pork as a wonderful meat for currying."

*Tamworth and Middle White pigs are reared outside where they can root around, wallow and exhibit all of their instinctive behaviours. They're matured at their own pace which enables the fat to naturally marble the meat, and gives the pork a superior texture. To maximise the naturally occurring flavour, all our native breed pork is dry-aged on the bone for 3-weeks in our Himalayan salt chamber; this further enhances the rich and distinctive flavour. Diced pork is Always Fresh Never Frozen®, butchered to order, vacuum packed, and shipped in recyclable packaging to arrive safely insulated and ready to enjoy.


Outdoor-reared, heritage breed pork.

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