• Classic Sausage Meat Stuffing Mix
  • Classic Sausage Meat Stuffing Mix
  • Classic Sausage Meat Stuffing Mix

Classic Sausage Meat Stuffing Mix 500g


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Product description

Classic Sausage Meat Stuffing Mix is deceptively simple featuring classic flavour combinations; heritage breed pork* blended with nutmeg, mace and black pepper. Just perfect for homemade sausage rolls or stuffing a chicken for a lazy Sunday roast. Most excellent for the festive bird too.

Chef Val Warner loves Swaledale's Classic Sausage Meat which is delicious, juicy, tender, well-fatted and ground to perfection. He says "classic sausages sometimes require a classic treatment. Don’t forget toad in the hole with onion gravy. When was the last time you had that eh? Cook the batter in dripping or lard.

Christmas on the way and with my cockerel in the oven I’ll core some apples then making a very light cut through the skin around the middle of each apple’s circumference. Mix the sausage meat with a few ground up ginger nut biscuits and a lot of black pepper. Stuff into the cored hole and roast until the apple is soft. Sprinkle just a little more biscuit on the top to stop the jelly melting and then dollop on a good spoonful of redcurrant jelly. Serve with the bird and other trimmings.

Rolled into balls and browned then cooked in tomato sauce, these meatballs are very easy to make and wonderful on spaghetti under a blizzard of parmesan.

Alternatively the meatballs when made smaller are very effective among gnocchi tossed with butter and crispy sage, with the obligatory grating of pecorino cheese to follow. Alternatively they are delicious among slow cooked chard; boiled, chopped and sautéed long and patiently with garlic and chillies in olive oil and finished with lemon juice.

Mixed with a little smoked paprika and fried in small balls you might find them very pleasing skewered on a toothpick, a surprising accompaniment to raw oysters.

Cook some onions and garlic in butter with a few fennel seeds and deglaze with a little sweet sherry. Mix with the sausage meat adding some freshly chopped parsley. Take a medium-sized, cleaned fresh squid body and stuff with the sausage mix. Close with a tooth pick. Brown alongside the tentacles and then put in the oven and roast. Slice and serve with extra virgin olive oil and lemon wedges."

*Made using the same quality pork we use for our whole muscle cuts, free range Middle White and Tamworth, traditional heritage breeds with exceptional depth of flavour. Shoulder and belly are our preferred cuts providing just the right fat content for supreme succulence.


Pork shoulder and belly (78%), spring water, rice flour, coarse sea salt, sugar, ground black pepper, preservative (sulphur dioxide), ginger root powder, onion powder, ground nutmeg seed, ground mace.

*This product is naturally free-from gluten.

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