• Bavette Steak for two to share
  • Bavette Steak for two to share
  • Bavette Steak for two to share

Bavette Steak for two to share 450g


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  • Each steak weighs approx. 450g

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  • Suitable for freezing
  • Delivered fresh
  • Grass-fed
  • Native breed
  • Cook on the BBQ

Product description

Cut from the flank of the beast by our expert seam butchers, bavette steak for two to share is an excellent value steak which is rich in flavour and texture. One of the original butchers' cuts, this bumper-sized bavette steak is the perfect steak for two to share; sling it on a grill or in a pan, cook it medium-rare.

Chef George Ryle inspires:
"Bavette steak for two to share requires careful cooking; too rare and it will be tough, cooked too much and it will also be tough. So, show it a high heat initially and then baste thoroughly in foaming butter and then rest very well indeed. Try resting the steak with a few slices of bone marrow butter on top, then serve with pommes frites, a green salad and a decent bottle of red. Or a similar set up but with a pool of peppercorn sauce.

Roasted beetroots with apple cider vinegar, a splash of wine, fresh bay leaves and garlic, then peel and marinade with shallots and picked thyme leaves. Finely grate fresh horseradish into a bowl and season with salt and vinegar then fold through a couple of large spoons of crème fraîche. Serve the bavette with the beetroots and a large dollop of the horseradish crème fraîche. Or a salad of watercress, shallot rings and pickled walnuts and again a dollop of horseradish crème fraîche and a good red wine sauce."

*All Swaledale beef is heritage breed and raised on independent farms and smallholdings dotted around the wildly beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Slow grown and free to roam on the swath of green hills and valleys; the result is exceptional tasting beef with an umami taste - rich, dense and flavourful. Swaledale bavette steak for two to share is Always Fresh Never Frozen®, butchered to order, vacuum packed, and shipped in recyclable packaging to arrive safely insulated and ready to enjoy.


Grass-fed, heritage breed beef slow grown to maturity on the lush, green pastures of the Yorkshire Dales. Dry-aged on the bone for >28 days.

Cooking advice

  1. ake bavette steak out of fridge, remove packaging, pat dry with kitchen paper, pop on a plate and allow to reach room temperature
  2. Oil* the steak and season generously with fine sea salt
  3. Heat a non-stick pan or cast iron skillet until smoking hot
  4. Add the bavette to the dry pan resisting the urge to move it and turn after 1 minute. Then flip and cook on the other side for 1 minute, so that good caramelisation forms on both sides
  5. Reduce the heat to medium and add a large knob of butter to the pan. As the butter foams and begins to brown, begin to baste the steak generously. After 30 seconds flip the steak and continue basting
  6. Cook like this, flipping and basting every 30 seconds of so, over a low heat, for about 8-10 minutes
  7. Remove the bavette from the pan and transfer onto a plate
  8. Leave to rest for at least 8 minutes, then transfer the steak to a chopping board and carve against the grain - this is important when eating a bavette steak

*Select an oil with a high smoking point and neutral flavour

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