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The Swaledale Native Breed Pork Box

The Swaledale Native Breed Pork Box

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We hand-butcher to order and deliver all our meat fresh so it can be frozen šŸ§Š

Our pork is championed by many top chefs and with good reason - it is packed with flavour. We favour two heritage breeds - The Middlewhite and Tamworth. We allow the pigs to grow slowly on a natural diet on a completely free range system.

We dry-age for two weeks, and the neck and loin sections a further week in our Himalayan salt room. The result is exceptional.

Each box contains:

4 x 300g Pork Chops
2 x 480g packs of Handmade Yorkshire Breakfast SausagesĀ 
1 x 800g Dry-aged Pork Shoulder Chop
2 x 220g Pork Ribeye Steaks
3 x 250g packs of Traditionally Cured & Smoked Streaky Bacon
1 x 480g pack of Pork, Fennel & Red Wine Sausages
1 x 1 kg Pork Belly

Read how George Ryle recommends toĀ serveĀ pork chops.Ā Ā